An iPhone-compatible smartwatch with seriously good looks

The Samsung Gear S3 combines old-school style with cutting-edge wizardry

Samsung Gear S3 Classic, £349
Samsung Gear S3 Classic, £349 | Image: Hugh Threlfall

I was saying just last year in a video post on that the TAG Heuer Connected was the best-looking smartwatch ever. I mentioned that Huawei’s was pretty handsome too. But that was 2016 and we’re in 2017, and now this is the most fetching smartwatch I’ve seen. Any resemblance to a proper mechanical watch is entirely intentional; I think electronics makers are realising that the more traditional a watch looks, the more people love it.

Samsung’s Gear S3 Classic has a superb revolving bezel, which controls many of the watch’s functions and has ridges to make it easy to spin. It has an always-on display function and you can write answers to messages on the face, all of which makes it a delight to use and wear.


I loved smartwatches when the Apple Watch came out, then didn’t use them for a while, but now I have fallen back in semi-love with the Apple Watch. And why? I’ve started using the iPhone 7 Plus as my everyday phone and it’s slightly big for my jeans pockets; the smartwatch allows me to get messages on my wrist with my phone stowed in my jacket. But as of early this year, the Gear S3 Classic, which initially worked with Android phones only, became iPhone compatible. So all the more reason to check this out when you’re thinking of buying.



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