Wearable technology to fall in glove with

Colourful, chic winter warmers fit for modern-day multitasking

I’m an expert at texting,checking emails or phoning a friend with one hand, while holding the dog’s leadin the other. And for most of the year I don’t give it much thought. But whenthe weather starts to necessitate the wearing of gloves, this modern-day multitasking canturn into a hazardous juggling act.

Thankfully, my husband came to the rescue with a wholly practical Christmas pressie. He found somenon-techie-looking gloves by an American accessories company called Echo Design that are fashioned in a fetching shade of forestgreen. As a result, I can now take a call or open a new screen without getting my hands cold or dropping something.


The solution to thisconundrum didn’t, as it happens, come from one of those weird innovations-basedcatalogues that seem to fall from the pages of the weekend newspapers. My husbanddiscovered them in one of our favourite destinations on Lamb’s Conduit Street:Darkroom. “We’vecarried the brand Echo for three years now and particularly like the rangesit produces that have the ‘touch’ facility,” explains Darkroom director RhondaDrakeford, who sells these woollen gloves in a selection of bright hues (from £30). “The styles change each year, butalways manage to merge this technological feature with nice fabrics and a gooddesign.” It turns out that Echo is also available atFenwick and Anthropologie.

Whatdelights me most about my new gloves is that fashion seems to bethe emphasis, with technology an added bonus. They are so stylish that you can’t tell (unlessyou try them) exactly what these mitts are capable of.


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