Wrapsol for MacBook Air

Transparent protection for laptops

Image: Hugh Threlfall

It’s a while since I hung wallpaper but I remember bubbles being the enemy. If you think protecting a laptop by, in a sense, wallpapering it is as naff as covering books in the stuff, then cease reading now, because I’ve just acquired a MacBook Air 11in that’s so beautiful I want to protect it from bad things and have bought a transparent covering kit called Wrapsol.


Applying Wrapsol was easy, although you have to spray an aqueous solution on the plastic film and the Mac, which is a little counterintuitive. There were a few bubbles, of course, but even after the Wrapsol dried, I could peel the dodgy bits back and reapply. In doing this, however, a tiny crumb of biscuit found its way underneath. It didn’t worry me, but a week later, my dear Spanish friend Maria couldn’t resist pulling up the plastic, removing the biscuit, cleaning it with some saliva and resticking it. It worked fine, and, as a result, if I ever need to clone Maria, I have a readily available DNA sample.