TV Ears

Sound advice on a gadget to stop televisual volume wars

Image: Hugh Threlfall

As you may have observed recently, Christmas is a battleground not just for marriages and relationships with children, but for volume wars, too. These occur when one family member watching the TV – usually someone of advanced years, and also occasionally, er, me – needs it louder than everyone else.


There are some fancy wireless television amplifiers around, but this one, from the US, could be just the thing to keep around in case an elderly relative drops by and you don’t want the volume so high that your entire postcode hears what’s on.


The TV Ears allow one person to have an amplified version of the soundtrack, while everyone else listens at a tolerable level in the conventional manner. This product is not going to win the Nobel Prize for quality, but for simplicity, it’s unbeatable. It’s also lightweight with soft, replaceable ear pads, so while it’s not imperceptible while worn, it’s no yoke around the wearer’s neck.

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