Blue Tiki Microphone

The ultimate in Bluetooth microphones for Skype and voice dictation

Image: Hugh Threlfall

I find that I’m using Skype more and more these days, and also dictating text to my MacBook on a several-times-daily basis – both of which activities require using the laptop’s microphone. Skype is self-explanatory, but you may not have noticed the new dictation feature in the OSX Mountain Lion operating system – access it by pressing the function button twice. It makes such fine products as the Dragon Dictate software almost unnecessary.


Both Skype and the Apple app work fine with the built-in mic, but for just £49 this USB microphone by Blue – whose bigger, studio-quality products I’ve featured before – will substantially improve the audio quality on Skype (or any other video-conferencing system) and enhance voice-dictation accuracy.


The Blue Tiki can be used in two ways: plugged straight into a USB port on Mac or PC, or on a supplied flying USB lead, so you can position it closer to your mouth. In this configuration, the Tiki looks like a high-tech duck, and you get better use of the product’s nicest feature: the duck’s “eye” is amber when you’re silent, but blue when you speak.