Loewe SoundVision

A one-box audio solution that sounds as good as it looks

Image: Hugh Threlfall

When I first saw this all-in-one sound system from the German Loewe brand, it seemed to be a dock for a seven-inch tablet of a type I hadn’t seen before. A moment’s attention to the SoundVision, however, revealed that what appeared to be a tablet is actually a glorious colour touch controller fixed firmly to the body of the machine, and my spirits lifted, soon to soar.


The SoundVision is, I would say, close to the ultimate answer to the quest for a one-box, combined music system that leaves nothing out, performs to near-audiophile quality and looks superb. (Loewe also specialises in letting you customise the finish and colour of its sleek products.) It has six built-in speakers and works as a physical and wireless dock for iDevices (an iPhone 5 will require the Lightning adapter), a CD player and an internet and FM radio. What more could you want? Beautiful and practical.