Motorola RAZRi

A smart new design for those who don’t want to follow the iPhone crowd

Image: Hugh Threlfall

So what if you – or more likely your children – just don’t want to be like everybody else with their iPhone 5? Funny, isn’t it, how the radical, leftfield mobile choice has gone the way of The Beatles, the VW and denim jeans to become middle-of-the-road and conservative? It is a fantastic phone, and, yes, I’ve got one, but if I were 18 and looking for a new handset for Christmas, I’d want something more youthful.


And it would probably be this, the RAZRi from Motorola, which a thousand years ago re-imagined the mobile with its flat, metallic keyboard RAZR. The RAZRi has a 4.3in Super AMOLED screen – bigger than the iPhone 5’s – but is smaller in the hand than any of its competitors, as the screen goes almost from edge to edge. The RAZRi also has a 2.0 GHz Intel processor, which makes it the fastest model on the market; the time it takes for the camera to start is down to less than a second. Plus it has almost unbreakable Gorilla Glass.

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