iZon Remote Room Monitor

A new benchmark for app-controlled security cameras

Image: Hugh Threlfall

Falling in love with a security camera is a bit of an ask, but a combination of the design, build-quality and usability of this sleek little product, the iZon, has me cooing. The iZon is, as that ubiquitous lower case “i” hints, an app-controlled camera for iPhone and iPad. It sends a video and audio stream to your office or home WiFi, which you can watch and listen to from anywhere. Each iZon on your premises needs to be plugged into the mains and comes with a 9ft white lead – it’s a small point that the lead colour matches, but it’s an Apple-like detail that matters.


It’s possible to have up to 200 iZons on one network; when viewing them remotely on your iDevice, you can see them all or select one to look in detail. Each camera will also send a text or email alert if it detects noise or movement at a level you assign remotely on the app. It’s pretty easy to set up – and the engineering is beautiful. The camera is attached magnetically to the half-dome mount you can see, so setting the angle precisely is easy and oddly satisfying.