AEG Ergorapido AG943

Picture-perfect technology that’s almost endlessly customisable

Image: Hugh Threlfall

I am an unwavering fan of Dyson’s vacuum cleaners, and our DC35 rechargeable hard-floor machine is a gem. However, this new AEG, despite having about a tenth of the aesthetic pizzazz of Dyson, is in many ways a better machine. It has LED headlights (more useful than you would imagine), lasts 35 minutes on a charge (a bit longer than the Dyson) and has an intriguing feature called Brushrollclean, which removes threads and hairs tangled round the roller at the touch of a button.


The AEG’s best feature, however, is that it’s two vacuum cleaners. The business bit is detachable, leaving you with a hand-held sucky bit to clean the interior of cars, boats, aircraft, etc. Also handy for the back of sofas and silk rugs, which don’t appreciate the rotating rollers of an upright vacuum cleaner. The AEG is also a fraction easier to navigate than the Dyson and is slightly cheaper – which I mention merely because it’s not common for the German competitor to cost less than the British version.

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