Mophie Juice Pack Universal Powerstation Pro

A juicy new solution for charging gadgetry on the go

Image: Hugh Threlfall

There are a lot of excellent portable devices on the market now to power your gadgetry when you’re away from mains electricity. Those that aren’t made by the original and best, Britain’s own Powertraveller, tend to be the products of US manufacturer Mophie. When I’m not using Powertraveller’s Powermonkey Discovery, I tend to throw Mophie’s even more compact Juice Pack Boost into my bag.


Mophie’s latest device, the Universal Powerstation Pro, is another beautiful product; it is water-, dust- and impact-resistant and its lithium-ion polymer battery can be fast-charged to provide 6000mAh – not as much as Powertraveller’s 9000mAh Powermonkey Extreme, but almost twice the capacity of the Powermonkey Discovery. The Mophie Powerstation comes in a sexy rubberised design, with one output – a USB port – that fits all.


Which you choose will depend on the application you have in mind, and I would recommend a detailed feature‑by-feature comparison, but these two innovative manufacturers are the kings of the outdoors, and you will not be disappointed by either offering.