Philips ID965 DECT phone

This new home phone has substance, as well as style.

Although I assiduously pre-select the gadgetry I call in to Technopolis Towers for its quality, excellence and, occasionally, its amusement value, I am still sent the odd turkey. One such last year was Alessi’s awful (though much-lauded elsewhere) cordless home phone, which was a real design-over-substance number – and the design wasn’t even up to much. After picking up the ringing phone for seemingly the 100th time and speaking into the earpiece because it’s impossible to tell which end is which, I sent it packing.


No such problem with this new home phone. Philips’ ID965 DECT phone is, to be fair, more expensive than the Alessi by some 50 per cent, so it clearly has high self-esteem – but so it should. Stylish, well made, ergonomic and with great sound at both ends of a call, it has a built-in speakerphone, a digital 50-minute answering machine and a light to indicate that a call or message has been received – a small convenience, but you miss it when it’s not there.

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