Loewe Connect ID

Picture-perfect technology that’s almost endlessly customisable

Image: Hugh Threlfall

I always feel I need a mental run-up before writing about the German TV and audio brand Loewe. This is not a criticism, but Loewe’s product range is complicated; you don’t just go and buy a TV. Its products are almost infinitely customisable, both in terms of trim and style, technology and accessory-wise, and you probably need to give more consideration to what you order than you would with a new car.


So I would find it impossible to say just which Loewe Connect ID TV to recommend, or which of the 2,160 variations to go for, or even whether it’s a Connect ID you want. The Connect ID is the one that catches my eye, and with this wonderful TV, you’re looking at a combination of the best physical looks of any set available: a perfect picture, exceptional sound, a brilliant new operating system (which can be iPad controlled) and the most extensive “smart” connections available for any brand.