Quad Elite QSP Amplifier

A seriously stylish power amp from the revered British hi-fi producer

Image: hugh

In the 1960s, when foreign technology became sought after, British names still ruled in hi-fi. Greatest among them was Quad, which had been around since 1936. Quad’s minimalist fascias of that time still look cool. Things move on, and Quad, although Huntingdon-designed, is Chinese-owned and made.


Last year I reviewed its Elite system; this, the Quad QSP, is its new 140-watt-per-channel power amp. It’s more than a serious black box that looks magnificent and purposeful. It’s just Quad in every way. A key part of the design is Quad’s current dumping technology – devised in the 1970s and still regarded by electronic engineers as truly innovative. Back then, it won the Queen’s Award for Technical Achievement, and has since been refined and modernised. Dumping involves two stereo amplifiers combining: a low-power Class A amp provides the intricate quality; a high-power amp delivers the brute force of the sound to the speakers. Will work with other preamps, but seems rude not to couple it with its Quad brothers.

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