A VR headset that goes to the next level

Merge: a great tool to tackle the virtual reality revolution head on

Merge VR headset
Merge VR headset | Image: Hugh Threlfall

If you’re not quite ready to plunge into serious virtual reality (for which a dedicated VR room is by now almost essential), but are over cardboard demo headsets, this exceptionally comfortable VR converter for most phones is a great option for going to the next level. At the top specification and price for its kind, the Merge is made of a light polyurethane foam and is ventilated to reduce the risk of your phone screen and the headset’s lenses steaming up.


The Merge is easily portable – ideal for bundling into a bag and taking wherever you are going. It’s also cleanable (it’s sometimes forgotten that a VR headset is an often-shared piece of kit). There’s a VR Start app for Android and iOS phones, which serves as a “discovery portal” for content that works particularly well with Merge and from which you can select what to watch next without leaving your virtual world.


The amount of mobile phone VR content that you might call post-introductory – more than just a demo – is growing exponentially. The revolution is getting into its stride, and this is a great tool for it.

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