Sony’s Xperia XZ: the best-looking phone on the market?

A supersmooth Android phone whose camera offers terrific precision focusing

Sony Xperia XZ, £549 SIM-free
Sony Xperia XZ, £549 SIM-free | Image: George Ong

It pays never to disregard Sony products and its mobile phones are no exception. The latest, Xperia XZ, has the quality, design and functionality one expects of the brand and provides a supersmooth experience – smoother, possibly, than the top Android de nos jours, Google’s Pixel.


It’s also, in my opinion, the best-looking phone on the market, but it’s the 23-megapixel camera that is the biggest draw. The focusing precision is terrific – not surprising, as it uses three focusing methods simultaneously. The range of easily activated manual settings is a joy. A 1/4000th-of-a-second shutter speed means action pictures taken with it are almost as good as on a DSLR. And at the other end of the scale, you can take the Xperia XZ camera down to a one-second shutter speed for ultra-low-light shooting. Even the phone’s selfie camera packs 13 megapixels, an unusually wide-angle lens and terrific low-light capability.


In short, a lovely and underrated Android phone. In some markets, it can be found in dual-SIM versions too, a feature that is not seen enough.  

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