Coffee fiends take note…

This bean-to-cup coffee machine has twin bean hoppers so you can invent your own blends

Giga 5, £3,750
Giga 5, £3,750 | Image: Hugh Threlfall

In April, I filmed a video for about a new Swiss bean-to-cup coffee machine, the £1,895 Jura Z6. It’s still current, and with its entertaining app control feature, I heartily recommend it. It’s not for those who need casual caffeination – it needs more looking after than a Nespresso-type machine – but the flat whites the Z6 issues are worth the minor fuss it requires.


Jura was keen for me to go up a level and try its flagship domestic/small office machine, the Giga 5 (37.5cm x 32cm x 45cm), which some would say earns its keep just by looking imposing. But not only is the Giga 5 a beautiful machine to watch in action, it makes amazing coffee. This is a machine for serious coffee enthusiasts. The biggest deal is the twin bean hoppers at the back. You could keep decaffeinated beans in one, regular in the other and make real and phoney cups of coffee one after the other. That will be a game-changer for many. Or you would keep different types of bean in each hopper and invent your own blends, which is way beyond my pay grade.


Free from some of the Z6’s quirks, it has its own, the oddest being that there’s no preset for a flat white, so you need to compose it yourself. But worry not – the not-dissimilar latte is superlative.

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