At last, a chip on the VR camera for iPhones

Shenzhen Arashi Vision Co Insta360 Nano arrives just in time

Shenzhen Arashi Vision Co’s Insta360 Nano, £199
Shenzhen Arashi Vision Co’s Insta360 Nano, £199 | Image: Hugh Threlfall

Virtual reality may be the next big thing but there isn’t much kit around yet for creating VR videos of your own activities (so you can view yourself on a VR headset, share VR videos on YouTube or broadcast live in VR on Facebook, now possible). One major-brand smartphone that launched a year ago was tipped to have a companion VR camera but it still hadn’t materialised at the time of writing.


China is currently experiencing an eagerly awaited creativity spurt, so it’s no surprise that this excellent entry-level make-your-own-VR-video device hails from Shenzhen Arashi Vision Co. The Insta360 Nano, which comes with a simple VR headset, is a superlatively well-designed clip-on VR camera for the iPhone 6 (it will work fine with the iPhone 7 too). It is easy to use – very slick and smooth – and the results are excellent. There will be more VR cameras, but this is more than ample for discovering the great potential of this new, über-immersive medium. One small caveat is that the Insta360 Nano doesn’t take its power from the phone and needs charging separately.

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