Vorwerk Kobold VG100: a window cleaner with tech clout

A highly effective window cleaner that gives a perfect streak-free finish

Vorwerk Kobold VG100, £249
Vorwerk Kobold VG100, £249 | Image: Hugh Threlfall

Early last year I discovered a deluxe food processor called Thermomix, from a German company called Vorwerk. It was already a cult product in mainland Europe and globally well-known in the restaurant trade. And, although it hadn’t made much impact at that point in the UK, lately I keep finding kitchens equipped with one.

Vorwerk also has a brand called Kobold, famous for making vacuum cleaners and the like with a typical lifespan of 15 to 17 years. I heard about its VG100 window cleaner the very day I’d paid someone £30 to rearrange the dirt and streaks on our windows.


For the cost of eight of his visits, I could buy a VG100 and achieve the next best thing to the perfect lawn – perfect windows. The VG100 coats them in its own special fluid then vacuums off the dirt/fluid mix, leaving expanses of streak-free clean glass.

It is an effective and deeply satisfying little machine – though complicated to master (pay careful heed to the instructions) and you need to change, wash and dry the cleaning pads every 20sq m of glass, so you’ll need several ready to go before a whole-house session. I suspect, though, that you are more likely to use the VG100 for large troublesome panes – say an entire glass wall that professional cleaners never quite seem to get perfect.


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