Small agile drone: Kaiser Baas Theta Mini Racer

A fast and highly manoeuvrable drone made specifically for travel fun

Kaiser Baas Theta Mini Racer, £99
Kaiser Baas Theta Mini Racer, £99 | Image: Hugh Threlfall

I once packed a DJI Phantom drone for a US trip. My plan was to fly it in Death Valley National Park, partly to let it stretch its legs without fear of crashing into anyone, partly to capture some spectacular aerial video. Before flying west from New York, I thought I’d check the regulations around flying drones in national parks. There was just one – you could go to jail for six months. You can dodge the law by taking off and landing outside the park boundary, but the taste had gone out of my chewing gum, and the drone remained unflown.


This less sophisticated but great fun drone from Australian company Kaiser Baas is probably a better bet. Made specifically for travel, it is just 20cm across yet weighs 70g, which makes it more substantial than the many indoor fun drones around. It takes good 720p video and it’s fast and highly manoeuvrable; Kaiser Baas suggests taking two on trips and trying beach drone racing. Don’t be put off by the 60m maximum flying radius; it sounds restrictive, but any further and you wouldn’t be able to see or hear it. Just check it’s legal before you fly.

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