An ultra-simplified entry into home projection TV

The Philips Screeneo 2.0 projector screens home movies and presentations both inside and outside

Philips Screeneo 2.0
Philips Screeneo 2.0 | Image: Hugh Threlfall

I’ve often featured tiny pico projectors in this column for throwing a presentation or a video onto a wall at a meeting, but I was unaware until recently that big portable projectors also exist – bucket-sized machines that can show a big picture on any wall in the house or on a patio. But if one thing has kept me from getting into projection TV at home, it’s the engineering needed to install the kit.


The Philips Screeneo 2.0 practically defies physics: it works absurdly close to the wall, throwing its maximum 120in image set back just 42cm from the skirting and producing a 50in picture from just 10cm. Inevitably, it isn’t at its best in brightly lit rooms, but its 2,000 lumens still do a good job in average lighting and are superb in the evening. Processing software called NaturaColor enhances lifelike colour on non-white walls, and another called FlowMotion ensures action scenes and sports coverage look pretty fine.


This, then, is effectively an ultra-simplified entry into projection. The Dolby 2.1 speaker system isn’t bad and HDMI inputs allow Blu-ray players to be plugged in; or there’s a built-in receiver for free-to-air TV if you have good WiFi. You can also use a USB stick to access content – or stream audio via Bluetooth.

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