Maroo Gem: headphones for small ears

In-ear headphones with a better fit for smaller ears – good for in-flight use

Image: Hugh Threlfall

I probably need not explain – but I will anyway – that these new in-ear headphones from Maroo, in Washington State, are not quite my style. Maroo doesn’t exclusively make audio products for women, but it majors quite heavily in the often untapped female market. These, called Sapphire, are one of four colours (the others are Titanium, White Rose and Amber) from its Gem range and are designed to accommodate women’s typically smaller ears.


Far from being just a fashion accessory, they are really good acoustically, which makes sense as Maroo also supplies professional in-ear monitors for some major bands. I’ve been listening to them (in private) and they produce a rich and punchy sound (richer than some £200 models I’ve tried), and the better fit in smaller ears increases the sound isolation, so they’re good for in-flight use.


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