Slick, syncable storage from Qnap

The HS-251+ is an all-in-one-place network-attached data solution that works with computers, tablets, mobiles and clouds

Image: Hugh Threlfall

The expansion of data quantities in my life continues at exponential pace. Not long ago I kept everything on the 512GB hard drive of my Mac. Now there are overflow data parks on various external drives as well as online, and the situation is becoming confusing. And I still have to regularly dump accumulating data from my Mac.


The answer is to get a network attached storage (NAS) device with as much storage as you choose for the family’s data. If I take that step, this user-friendly, fanless NAS from Qnap may be the one. The job it does – syncing files across computers, tablets, mobile devices and clouds – would improve my life greatly. And as it’s silent, it’s ideal for streaming HD movies within a multimedia entertainment system. But it needs an internal hard drive or two plugged in, so if it’s priced cheaply it’ll be sans drives. Also, it doesn’t have wifi and needs to be ethernet wired in, so it’s worth getting it installed.

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