Exceptionally light headphones from Marshall

The Major II Bluetooths have a battery life of up to 30 hours at full volume

Image: Hugh Threlfall

This is, I realise, the third time in two years I have featured a product from British guitar amp maker Marshall that is not an actual guitar amp. I am just endlessly impressed by the audio quality and, how can I put it, Marshall-ness of the brand’s ancillary range, which is produced by its Swedish partner, Zound Industries.


Marshall’s Bluetooth over-ear headphones are real beauties – especially for travel or beach use, thanks to their collapsible design. You won’t pick them up and say, “Wow, these are quality”. But they look intriguing, feel exceptionally light and comfortable, and, thanks to a big 680 mAh rechargeable battery, have a crazily long life of up to 30 hours at full volume. Being a music company, Marshall has insisted that the Major IIs have Bluetooth aptX for higher wireless quality. And being Marshall, these are loud and probably not ideally suited to madrigals.

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