Orée’s super-stylish electronic pen

The Stylograph comes with its own leather-bound digital notebook

Image: Hugh Threlfall

As technology dominates our lives ever more, old-fashioned notebooks, perversely, are becoming more popular. In my first-choice Brooklyn coffee shop the other morning I counted eight customers (not including myself) earnestly prodding at MacBooks, one using a PC and three writing great thoughts, journals, whatever, in black Moleskine books (which, I confess, until that moment I had believed were covered in real moleskin. They aren’t – it’s oilcloth).


Anyway, this exceptionally good-looking and functional digital pen from a company in the south of France called Orée (I’ve featured its wooden keyboards in the past) comes with a proper leather-bound notebook that makes others look like workaday PCs. Take your Orée Stylograph to any artisan coffee shop in the world and people will faint with hipster envy.


Orée makes delightful electronica from natural materials, but there’s no timber in the Stylograph – it’s copper-coated. And the beauty of it is that all the pensées you commit to the special digital paper in the Stylograph notebook are stored on the pen to download later to your computer – or you can have it mirror your writing on a phone or tablet as you scribble, ready to email or text.  The tech-aware will realise that this makes it a Livescribe pen without the ability to audio-record as you write. But the Stylograph is way more stylish, and the ecosystem, being simpler, is a lot less of a headache for the complexity averse.

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