Aurai’s soothing eye-massager

The water-propelled device provides eye relief after staring into a screen for too long

Image: Hugh Threlfall

This gloriously gadgety new gadget reminds me of the beautifully presented, yet highly eccentric, products I used to bring back from Japan in the 1980s. The Aurai water-propelled eye massager is from Taiwan, which has, I find, become the chief source of innovative-but-bonkers technology.


The Aurai is an eye mask that looks like virtual-reality goggles, but instead of screens there are two squidgy silicone pouches filled with water and a bunch of electronics, which warm or cool the water as you require and add vibration at two intensity levels. The heat and vibration functions are adjusted using a slightly cumbersome controller unit that is connected to the mask by thick tubing filled with water; I have tried and failed to understand the mechanism, but it works well.


The device is sold as a way of alleviating eye problems caused by screen use, although I’m not sure it would stand up to peer-reviewed clinical trials in that respect. No matter, though, the sensation is exceedingly pleasant – like being massaged around your eyes, although the vibrate programme could do with some alternative rhythms. I suspect there will be upgrades to ensure that soon.

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