Olympus launches a remarkable dictation device

The RecMic DR-1200 connects speech to text in real time

Image: Hugh Threlfall

Wayne Chodosh calls, excited about a product he’s found. Chodosh is a paperless-office evangelist and distributor of a clever product I have featured here before, the PDF Pen, which allows professionals to email legally signed and timed PDF documents. In a London office supplies store Mr Chodosh was surprised to see that supplies for typists are still available. Indeed, we both thought typists were a rare, if not extinct, breed in an age when (we thought) everybody did their own typing.


But in the same store, he also found this remarkable dictation microphone from Olympus, which neither of us knew existed and is, in effect, a typist in a box. The RecMic range makes it easy for even the most ham-fisted professional to produce letters if they don’t have a typist, or it’s late and the typist has gone home. With real-time speech recognition your spoken words will be turned into text immediately. So you can hold the RecMic in one hand to dictate, and use your other hand to navigate around the on-screen page using the built-in mouse. The device uses Dragon Dictate software (which needs to be bought separately) and is PC- and Mac-compatible. And then, of course, you can sign your self-made letter on-screen with a PDF Pen.

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