Dyson offers a smart, ultra-quiet take on a hairdryer

The Supersonic also features intelligent heat control

Image: Hugh Threlfall

Since releasing its first vacuum in 1983, Dyson has become a global success. Today more than 2,000 engineers and scientists – including Jake Dyson, the influential son of Sir James – are based at the Dyson R&D centre in Wiltshire, working on a constant stream of excitingly unexpected new products. There’s even talk of a Dyson car.


First up in the realms of the (moderately) surprising, however, is this: a Dyson hairdryer, the quirky-looking Supersonic, with an air rush produced by a mini version of the trademark Air Multiplier – as used in fans, heaters and the Dyson Humidifier. But apart from making other hairdryers look old-fashioned, what does the Supersonic offer for the £50m that went into its development, spawning over 100 pending patents? The major selling point is intelligent heat control that keeps hair from getting damaged thanks to a thermistor that measures the air temperature 20 times a second. The second USP is that the motor is embedded in the dryer handle and packed in acoustic baffle, which makes the Supersonic remarkably quiet. I haven’t run it side by side with other high-end hairdryers, like the GHD Aura, but it does seem a lot less noisy than most. And lastly, the attachments stick to the Supersonic magnetically. Cool. Or maybe that should be hot.

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