Tabcat: a top-notch cat tracker

This peerless gadget locates cats to within a few centimetres

Image: Hugh Threlfall

It’s 10 years since I came across the clever London company Loc8tor, which pioneered gadgets to find lost items like keys. It has continued to use RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), rather than the more modern Bluetooth – which was sketchy and unreliable a few years ago. But Loc8tor’s perseverance with the older technology has engendered this peerless gadget for tracking lost cats to an exact location – something a Bluetooth device, like the TrackR I covered recently, can’t do.


The tag comes in a splashproof silicone case that attaches to a cat’s collar, works at up to 122m outdoors and can track as many as four cats at a time. You may even be able to train them to come back of their own accord when you press the “locate” button, which makes the tag beep.


GPS trackers on the market give a readout on long-distance felines. Knowing where kitty is on the map is one thing; with Tabcat you can track them to the last few centimetres. And no app for your overloaded smartphone.

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