Zagg’s super-svelte iPad keyboard

The backlit Slim Book has enormous battery life

Image: Hugh Threlfall

I am writing this to test my oft-given advice that a tablet and keyboard combination allows you to do everything you can do on a desktop or laptop. Indeed, if I were in business-travel mode, an iPad Pro combined with Logitech’s Create keyboard I featured here last month would be a superb backup to my laptop. But what if I only had an iPad Mini with a keyboard case? Could I still comfortably work for hours at a time? With this latest keyboard case from Zagg, the answer, were I to find myself in extremis with my MacBook indisposed, broken or lost, is yes.


Zagg’s Slim Book range (also compatible with iPad Air and the Pro) is, as the name suggests, svelte – more so than the outdoorsy Zagg Rugged I’ve brought to your attention before. It’s not as slim as Apple’s keyboard covers, but then they don’t have backlit keys, which are a Zagg mainstay and crucial to anyone using a tablet/keyboard combo on a plane. With this latest and slimmest case Zagg has concentrated on keeping the size and weight down, and the battery life – which seems enormous – up. I could happily work on this combo for a few hours, though not all day, meaning you could definitely leave the laptop at home when on holiday. A wonderful product.

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