AKG’s superb noise-cancelling headphones

The foldable but resilient N60 NCs produce decidedly hifi sound

Image: Hugh Threlfall

I recently recommended the all-British Angle & Curve Carboncans as a good pair of light, foldable over-ear travel headphones for those who want an alternative to in-ear models. But some of you have asked about travel-ready, noise-cancelling headphones, to which my answer is generally, go Bose. That might not be terribly original, true, but Bose knows what it’s doing and has dominated the market for longer than I can remember.


Here, though, is something more unusual and seriously high quality – both in build and performance – from Austrian audio company AKG. Its N60 NC headphones are a real find. They are comfortable (if perhaps not quite as soft on the ear as a Bose or the Carboncans) and the sound quality is decidedly hifi. The foldability and resilience in a busy travel bag is good – better for me than Bose – and the noise cancellation is among the best I’ve heard. You could wear these without playing any music just to get some hush. Now I suppose I’d better start looking for portable, over-ear, noise-cancelling, hifi-quality headphones with Bluetooth as well…


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