A petite but powerful Bose speaker

The SoundTouch 10 provides rich sound and easy inter-room connectivity

I went to the New York launch of this latest addition to the Bose SoundTouch wirelessmusic range, having just read a viral Facebook post from Scott Waters, an Anglophile from Florida, on the differences he finds between the US and the UK. One of his observations of the Brits: “They don’t use Bose anything, anywhere.”


This is not quite true, but he’s onto something. Using Bose is almost a patriotic duty in the US. It’s a superb brand, but more polished than innovative. On paper, the SoundTouch 10, the smallest speaker in the range at 21cm x 14cm x 9cm, is not very exciting – it’s also not actually a stereo speaker. But then hifi doesn’t have to be stereo, and the combination of the rich Bose sound quality with the easy room-to-room connectivity of the SoundTouch system via its great app makes this a surprisingly attractive choice.  


Another feature I like: the six buttons on each speaker that you can preset to your top online sources. And a tip: try buying four or five SoundTouch 10 units and connecting them in one room. I found the surround-sound effect as engaging as stereo – quite startling, in fact.  £170, from www.bose.co.uk.

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