Add storage to Apple products with Leef

The iAccess provides handy extra external memory

Image: Hugh Threlfall

If you use an iPad (or, less likely, an iPhone) for business presentations, you may well have run into storage issues because it’s already full of music or other files. If so, it’s worth looking at this neat accessory from Leef, which lets you plug in and access any microSD card up to 128Gb, filled with whatever data you wish.


The Leef iAccess is designed specifically for Apple products; the California company also makes a simpler and cheaper card-access device for Android phones and tablets, but it’s with iOS devices that people have problems using external memory. After first connecting the iAccess, you will also need to download the Leef app, which does the necessary software trick. And when you’re not working, you can use it to upload action-cam footage of your latest derring-do to your phone or tablet. Some people report problems with the iAccess proving a little slow – I can only say my sample ran fine. 

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