A brilliant backlit keyboard from Logitech

The Create for iPad Pro doesn’t need a Bluetooth link

Image: Hugh Threlfall

When Apple showed the first, 12.9in iPad Pro (there’s now a smaller version too) to journalists, it did something remarkable by showing it coupled with this backlit keyboard-and-case combo from Logitech, the Create. I can’t emphasise how unusual this was. Apple has spawned a global, multibillion-pound market selling accessories made by other companies, but I have never seen it actively recommending anything that is not Apple-original – especially when it makes a near-equivalent, in this case the £139 iPad Pro Smart Keyboard.


The Create, in fact, has more features (and is £29 cheaper) than Apple’s offering and may well suit those who favour a tablet/keyboard hybrid over a laptop. The Apple keyboard is clever but fiddly, and practically useless for me without backlit keys. The Logitech, meanwhile, turns your iPad Pro into the slightly smaller-screened equivalent of a 13in MacBook, with a tough and grippy built-in case. The combination is lighter than a MacBook Pro, heavier than a MacBook Air – but don’t forget that the iPad can be separated.


The backlighting is excellent and the Create doesn’t even need a Bluetooth link to the iPad as it connects through the tablet’s infallible magnetic Smart Connector. The Create also needs no charging as it’s powered by the iPad. The whole thing is nothing short of brilliant.

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