TrackR’s amazing app-controlled key finder

The Bravo is smaller and lighter than a 50p coin

Image: Hugh Threlfall

The first quirky gadget I ever bought, long before I started writing about all this stuff, was a key finder. So I like to revisit the genre from time to time and this is the best iteration I’ve found yet.

The TrackR, from a Californian startup, is smaller and lighter than a 50p coin and the thinnest such device I’ve seen. Attach the TrackR to keys, wallet, pet, whatever, and when they’re lost, you press a button on the inevitable app, and it will beep with a mighty 85dB – much louder than anything comparable I’ve come across. It even tells the distance between you and your missing items.


But what if, you may ask, you’ve misplaced your phone? If you have the keys/wallet etc, just press the TrackR button to give it a call. Prodigious gadgetry.


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