One For All Smart Control URC 7980

Say goodbye to multiple remotes with this wonderfully simple device

Image: Hugh Threlfall

It’s been a long while since I’ve featured a universal remote controller here. Too long, given that our home-media setup currently requires seven remotes, which have about 170 buttons in total, most of which are a complete mystery to me. At any one time about half of this armoury is AWOL, usually down a sofa somewhere, or once, memorably, in the fridge.    


This wonderfully simple new universal controller from US manufacturer One For All is easy to programme, with the help of a phone app, and can learn up to eight devices, which should be plenty for most people. It’s compatible with over 7,000 brands and 335,000 models, works with iOS and Android phones, and has clear backlit buttons. Best of all, though, if you lose the remote you can use your phone to make it beep loudly. It’s all so sensible. Plus it’s stupidly good value.

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