Route landline calls to mobiles with Swissvoice

Or vice versa, with the Voice Bridge

Image: Hugh Threlfall

Landlines: remember them? Installed in the hall of your home where there was nowhere to sit and it was often freezing because the central heating was patchy?


Today landlines often seem to be little more than a conduit for nuisance calls. But if yours still plays a role in your household (say, to receive calls from elderly relatives), this utterly genius new device from Swissvoice will sync it with your mobile/mobiles (up to five per house or office). Using your WiFi, it will channel landline calls through to your smartphone, which means no more having to search frantically for the elusive wireless handset.


The Voice Bridge has a number of other superb functions too. If you have poor mobile coverage, it will route your outgoing mobile calls through the landline even when there’s no service. Plus when you’re out you will be informed of calls to your home landline so you can call back (if they’re not sales related, that is, which they probably are).

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