Buying rare whiskies by the cask

Whisky aficionados are no longer just collecting rare malts by the bottle – they’re buying them by the cask and savouring the slow pleasure of watching them mature. Alice Lascelles reports

Super-chic stays in the Scottish Highlands

Scandi billionaires, London nightclub impresarios, serious conservation efforts and a new roster of very smart places to stay: something curious – and liberating – is happening in the Highlands of Scotland, says Charlotte Sinclair

Hiring your own private island

New and restored private island resorts from Indonesia to the Inner Hebrides are seeking to recalibrate the castaway experience to balance luxury with sustainability. Maria Shollenbarger reports

Charles Jencks: master of the multiverse

Landform artist Charles Jencks’s cosmically charged gardens push the boundaries of nature and science. Clive Aslet meets the man with the monumental ideas about life, the universe and everything

The growing cult of lost distilleries

Single malts from “silent” or “lost” distilleries in Japan as well as Scotland are currently proving to be the most sought-after and investable whiskies on the market. Alice Lascelles reports