Sam Leith


The faith school

Pushy parents become churchgoers to get their son into the only good school left in the area, but will their prayers be answered?

The punting trip

A suitor fabricates a degree from Oxford and takes a scenic jaunt down the River Cherwell, but will his fibs drop him in it?
Home Accessories

The au pair

An earl’s third wife gets more – and less – than she bargained for when she employs an eastern European temptress
Property & Architecture

Ghost town

When a Peckham-boy-done-good moves into his dream mansion in Mayfair, his neighbourly welcome isn’t as warm as expected…

Early retirement

A trustafarian decides to draw his “pension” early and jets off to enjoy the fruits of his (future) labours

The school reunion

Glittering career, gorgeous fiancée – this former misfit will show his old tormentors what he’s made of…

The Christmas card

A mother refuses to let her daughter’s gap-year rebellion dampen her festive spirit – or ruin her family’s perfect image…

The eco-lodge

A honeymooner indulges his young bride’s yearning for treehouse adventure, but is he in too deep…
Performing Arts

The tax avoider

An accountant’s cunning scheme to multiply his client’s tax relief with a cinematic investment gradually unspools…
Interior Design

The yacht fitter

A maker of bespoke nautical interiors decides it’s time to jump ship after being pushed one mirrored megayacht too far…