Past Masters

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British tiles

The decorative ceramic once lavished with attention by revered designers is finding new status – as art as well as decor, says Emma Crichton-Miller


Designed for paperwork, these vintage bags have a new purpose in the digital age – dealers now often have waiting lists, says Victoria Woodcock

Art exhibition posters

Promotional prints created by artists and intended for the streets are increasingly finding their way onto collectors' walls, says Kasia Maciejowska
Home Accessories

Dolls’ houses

Recent exhibitions and fairs have sparked new interest in these temples of tiny delight – not just as playthings, but as objets d’art, says Charlotte Abrahams

Collecting Iso Grifo

With a mere 413 built, new fans will have to keep an eagle eye out for the car named after the mythical king of beasts, says Simon de Burton
Home Accessories

Oriental screens

These exquisitely painted room dividers are finding new life in chic homes – whether paired with midcentury furniture or hung as wall art, says Ming Liu

Vintage drinks trolleys

Glamorous interwar and midcentury pieces are catching the eye of cocktail enthusiasts looking to entertain with a flourish
Personal Luxuries

Travel games

Playing with these highly collectable sets – created to pass the time on military campaigns or Grand Tours – brings the era beautifully to life, says Virginia Blackburn