Wry Society: The nordic ski break

Fergus’s plans for a lads-only ski trip are scuppered by his wife’s decision to book them onto a “winter activities break” in Norway at the same time – but is there something fishy going on?

Norway’s most challenging cycle race

On the longest day of the year, some 5,000 cyclists assemble in Norway to take part in a gruelling endurance race. Two nights later, James Henderson and four friends are among the 1,500 to go the full 543km distance

Norwegian cod fishing

Heroic cod that have made the 1,000 mile pilgrimage from the Barents Sea to the far north of Norway arrive lean, muscular and in plentiful numbers. It’s cause for casting off and culinary celebrations – and James Henderson is happy to join in

A ski tour challenge in Norway

One man’s miraculous tale of survival during the second world war inspired James Henderson to retrace a hazardous escape route through the dauntingly remote mountains of northern Norway 

A long weekend in… Oslo

Norway’s postcard-pretty capital is showing a new edge, with a dynamic architectural horizon, a thriving cultural scene and chic restaurants earning international kudos, says Mary Lussiana