Paper paraphernalia with graphic style in one e-shop

Sustainable, eco-friendly designs from a British stationery emporium

I am a big fan of anything to do with paper: stationery, stamps, stickers, wrapping, parcel tags, you name it. I am also a big fan of the environment, so when I find design-savvy paper goods that mix sustainable, eco-friendly materials with design-led graphical prints and colours, then I am pretty much sold. Such is the case with Lollipop Designs, a UK-based website that specialises in a range of notecards, gifts and mailing materials that make stylish organisation a cinch.

I was initially struck by a roll of playful, Stars Paper Parcel Tape (first picture, on right, Banner design on left, £9.50) that I spotted at Liberty, and have since been a fan of Lollipop Designs’ well-edited e-shop full of practical products. From handy magnetic notepads (£4.25) made of recycled paper and vegetable inks, to Origami Notepaper Sets (£8.75) that unfold to reveal secret messages, to hand-stamped cards featuring a variation of themes and colours (from £1.75), what makes these notes special are the ever-so-slight variations in each one.


The Wrap and Tape sections are full of useful papers and packing materials including Geo Wrap Bundles (third picture, £6) – four sheets of thick wrapping paper – that look particularly festive when paired with matching self-adhesive gift labels (£4.75) and simple raffia ribbons. An array of Wall Planners (£12.50), extremely useful 4-way rubberbands (£7) and simple stamp sets (£12.50) help to keep desks and schoolwork in good order.

If you’re looking for a creative yet fun children’s gift, then Colour-me-in T-shirts (£22) with varying themes – animals (second picture), superstars, flowers – are perfect for ages four and up. Each tasteful pack features an organic cotton tee, eight fabric crayons and a playful pattern that encourages budding artists. Build-your-own Bunting Kits in varied hues (£12.50) are festive and include Fairtrade cotton bunting, eco-felt pieces in a range of sizes, as well as sequins and solvent-free glue.


Lollipop Designs’ offerings aren’t particularly fancy or expensive, but if you’re looking for utilitarian yet lovely papers that are produced in short runs and largely by hand, then its website is definitely worth a look.

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