Bespoke skincare: Haute Custom Beauty

A dynamic alternative to “mono-diet” skincare

We’ve come a long way since early-20th-century beauty doyenne Helena Rubinstein categorised skin as dry, oily or combination. Still it seems that 80 per cent of us neither know our true skin type, nor use products to suit it. Such is the conclusion of Haute Custom Beauty, a new game-changing skincare company, which, after researching the dermal issues of more than 300 men and women between 25 and 70, has come up with a different approach.

Instead of skin typing, think profiling – a concept that goes beyond genetic programming to embrace lifestyle and intentions as influences on your skin’s behaviour. Thus, Haute Custom Beauty’s online Derma Skin Analysis calculates a prescription by matching your skin with one of the 600-plus Derma Profiles in its database.


At its basis, the resulting 30-Day Beauty Ritual (£235) has a collagen tonic (revitalising, calming or balancing) and one of four firming and wrinkle-smoothing moisturisers. However, the daily elixirs are the truly unique actives in the programme. Out of a possible range of 11 single-shot ampoules, a personal ritual will involve between five to eight different formulae, each targeting more specific and intimate issues, such as deeper lines, uneven pigmentation, oiliness or slackness. Their sequence may be varied during the 30 days to ensure skin isn’t saturated by some nutrients and starved by others – much as a genuinely balanced diet means not eating the same meal day after day. According to Haute Custom Beauty’s own studies, this precisely calculated, varied routine delivers visibly better results than a “mono-diet” skincare method: its skincare specialists noted a significant difference in elasticity, tone, wrinkles and density after one month’s treatment.

The ritual is designed to be repeated – finish the 30-day cycle then simply begin again. But since seasons, climate and health can all affect skin behaviour, it’s advisable to retake the survey should your skincare goals change.


This collaboration between a third-generation family of spa-owning aestheticians from Barcelona and an Austin-based research institute has tapped into an anti-ageing algorithm that’s “hands on” meets “high tech” – where salon intuition lends insight to the use of skincare’s most advanced ingredients.

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