Zegna’s latest fabric innovation for tailoring

Double Century Cashmere is light, fluid and has two different face finishes

Zegna’s couture line is a crucible for the brand’s research and development, and the latest innovation from head of design Stefano Pilati is Double Century Cashmere, referring to the 100 per cent cashmere and 100 thread count (it also uses 100km of spooled yarn per kilo). Two pure cashmeres are combined (in Zegna’s Lanificio mill) with organzine silk, and the result is a fabric with lightness and fluidity, two different face finishes and a texture that means it can be used for tailoring. To wit: a gorgeous brown check cashmere jacket (£3,350, pictured) and matching trousers (£790) that are both solid brown on the reverse.


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