Turnbull & Asser launches elegant capsule collection…

Exclusive to its new shop in Mayfair’s Davies Street

Venerable outfitters Turnbull & Asserhas opened a new shop in Mayfair’s Davies Street and launched a capsule collection that’s exclusive to the 110sq m store. Head of design Dean Gomilsek-Cole took Monopoly’s Mayfair blue as colour inspiration for a collection that includes a paisley silk-jacquard dressing gown (£1,750, pictured), a novel horizontal-cord blazer (£650), silk-jacquard evening jackets (£1,450) and, of course, ties (£115, pictured). After visiting the shop, I would suggest celebrating your haul of blue finery by going directly to The Fumoir bar in Claridge’s – and do not pass “Go”.


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