Firle Place Herb Garden Collection

An e-cache of beauty products from a Sussex estate garden

Fresh from the Sussex gardens of Lady Alexandra Gage comes The Firle Place Herb Garden collection – a small-batch range of medicinal balms, beauty ointments and teas made using herbs and wildflowers from the expansive estate. The 17 products in four categories (beauty energy balms, teas, soaps and medicinal balms) are designed to enhance both body and mind; Gage contends that self-realisation and all-natural formulations are the keys to beauty.

Three jars of energising balm (£15 for 30g) – wood violets, snowdrops and daffodil and stone – all moisturise and relax as well as proclaim the importance of self-love, truth and acceptance. Yes, it’s a bit hippy-dippy, but endearingly so.  

Less philosophical are the medicinal balms targeted at specific ailments and areas. Hints of petitgrain, blue chamomile and patchouli in the Calming Balm (£12 for 30ml or £22 for 50ml) aid sleep, while lavender, spearmint and rosemary with a touch of vitamin E in the Gardener’s Hand Balm (£12 for 30ml) nourish cracked fingers. A special apis, ledum and tea tree oil balm treats bee and nettle stings (£12 for 30ml). And the Summer Skin Balm (£12 for 30ml) soothes sun-weary skin with its cooling geranium and hypericum extracts.


Naturally caffeine-free teas (all £4.50) include Digestive Comfort using lemon balm, chamomile and verbena, Happiness and Restful Sleep. Last but not least are handcrafted soaps (£5 each, 90g), made using pure plant oils including clary sage, calendula, lavender and spearmint – each designed to restore tranquillity while cleansing.

Before you leave the site, be sure to visit the photo gallery full of images of the walled gardens and allées of trees. If bucolic could be bottled, these would help the fantasy thrive.

Check out these fruity and floral fragrances or organic, chemical-free wrinkle cream that uses violet leaf extract to reduce fine lines.


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