Ten C’s reworked military and explorer coats

High-performance fabrics add all-weather comfort to rugged style

3 Layers Parka, £585
3 Layers Parka, £585 | Image: www.cpcompany.co.uk

Ten Ctakes its name from The Emperor’s New Clothes and plays upon the idea of looking beyond the hype. It has no logo and reworks military and explorer pieces in high-performance fabrics. New designs this season include Pertex lightweight jackets (£495) that are soft, breathable and windproof. More unusual is the Snow Smock (£840), inspired by the Norwegian coats worn in the 1960s film The Heroes of Telemark and in a remarkable Japanese jersey. I also rate the Rain parka (£795) and the Three-Layers parka (£585, pictured), which comes in vibrant orange.


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