Die Siphon Manufaktur: soda chic

Hand-restored art-deco siphons at the click of a mouse

Vodka sodas, jazz-club reveries and art-deco chic are just a CO2 capsule and a shake away at Die Siphon Manufaktur, an e-shop specialising in handsome 1920s and 1930s Sparklets soda siphons, gathered from New York, London, Paris and Berlin.

The website carries a selection of hand-restored, original designs, including two “London” models, which are mostly sourced from the UK and Commonwealth countries. The 1920s C-Type (€750) features a bulb holder (and is a favourite of recent customer Tony Conigliaro, owner of London’s 69 Colebrook Row), while the 1930s D-Type (€650) comes with a valve and removable holder, plus a chrome-plated top and collar, corrosion-resistant wire mesh and conical glass base.

Several “Berlin” C-Type models (€750) that survived the war can be found on the site, but the rarest treasure is “Paris”, a special-edition C-Type bottle in vibrant cerulean mouth-blown glass. Die Siphon Manufaktur has found just two since the site launched, with one currently available (€3,500, left in picture).  


Martin Gräbeldinger established the Munich-based business in 2011, after discovering a 1930s Sparklets siphon at a London market. Since then, he and co-founder Jonas Dieterle have trawled mainly the US and UK for their finds, and only a handful of items are available at any time. A selection of exquisite designs is also kept offline, and drink enthusiasts can inquire about it. This includes pieces such as a 1920s siphon made by an English goldsmith, who meticulously applied silver plating to each strand of wire mesh; and a 1930 New York design, one of two ever produced, with the head and mesh made from copper alloy.

Each siphon is hand-restored by a small team in Munich, who take about two days to replace any parts and create new spares, which come with every siphon. Also included is a certificate of authenticity showing the year and city of production and signed by the person who restored it, information on where it was found, and a five-year warranty.

“Tokyo” is the sole model that is Die Siphon Manufaktur’s own creation, made in the Japanese capital from stainless steel (€199, right in picture) – and the site continues to grow, with offerings now including handcrafted silver and gold-plated cocktail shakers, cocktail spoons and drinking cups.


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