Cire Trudon

Scented candles that won’t end up being ’re-gifted’

I’m firmly of the opinion that there are far too many scented candles in the world. But I make an exception for Cire Trudon, the French wax manufacturer with a history dating back to 1643. Trudon, which made candles for the palace of Versailles under Louis XVI as well as Napoleon, is little known outside France, where it supplies high-quality candles to many grand cathedrals and churches.


Its signature scented candles, meanwhile, come in hand-blown green glass jars and are a favourite of wax connoisseurs. But Trudon’s scented pillar candles (pictured) are even more of an insider choice. Decorative objects in their own right, they are available in white, ivory, green, burgundy or French grey (£29-£59), and look particularly good grouped together in different colours and sizes. There is also an uber-chic, limited-edition black version that is unscented.


Cire Trudon claims that its wax is the purest, most chemical-free, available. Better still, the pillar candles come in beautiful dove grey boxes and so make really good gifts – one candle that won’t end up on the shelf, waiting to be re-gifted.

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