A new statement-making eyewear range

Inventive designs from menswear maverick Thom Browne

The Eye Company prides itself on selling top-end, rare and sought-after glasses, and its founder, Stephen Hudson, is adamant about what constitutes quality frames. So when he saw menswear fashion designer Thom Browne’s eyewear collection (from £350), made by Dita of Los Angeles, he couldn’t resist it.


“Dita’s Japanese factory is the best in the world,” he says. “You can’t get better.” Browne has been very inventive, using, for example, unusual meshed side-protectors, tempered by the use of confident lines. Understated frames make strong statements too, however (example pictured, £450). “The awesome thing about Japanese manufacture is the materials,” says Hudson. “They only use pure titanium, and acetates that have been ‘time-cured’, producing harder finishes, and then polished to achieve a deep black piano-key lustre.”