Sease: Italian yachtwear with high-fashion heritage ahoy

This Milan destination store harbours stylish, high-tech sailing kit that’s perfectly suited for both the regatta circuit and the streets of Mayfair

Brothers Franco and Giacomo, who created Sease
Brothers Franco and Giacomo, who created Sease | Image: Valentina Sommariva

Its name is a portmanteau of “sea” and “ease” – a neat way to sum up this Milanese boutique’s stylish own-brand sailing gear, linked to one of the most illustrious names in Italian textiles – that of Loro Piana. The famed fabric house was founded in 1924 by Pietro Loro Piana; two years ago his nephew’s grandsons, brothers Franco and Giacomo, struck out on their own to create Sease. “Our clothing is for people who spend their free time in nature,” says Franco. “They wear our designs on the water or off-piste – and return to the city and wear them on the back of a scooter.”

All the clothing at Sease is produced with sustainability in mind
All the clothing at Sease is produced with sustainability in mind | Image: Valentina Sommariva

Leveraging their fashion heritage alongside an inherited love of boats (their father, Loro Piana deputy chairman Pier Luigi, hosts – and often races in – the annual Loro Piana Superyacht Regatta in Sardinia), the duo have created what Franco calls a “360-degree lifestyle brand”. It’s a combination of performance kit and exquisitely made leisurewear that appeals to serious sailors – Dario Noseda, who crossed the Atlantic solo in his 7m Starboat, and Luca Bassani, founder of Wally Yachts, are both ardent fans – as well as bankers and architects “who are demanding about quality and design detail”. They come to the refined Brera district shop for signature pieces such as the tailored High Pressure spray top (€895) and the Upwind windbreaker (€1,095), which, in rich shades of navy and brick red, are among Sease’s most functional, fashionable makes.


The fabrics are, of course, key, and hew to the traditional. “Everything is made in Italy and we use mostly natural fibres,” says Franco. “They aren’t as hardcore as techno-nylon fabrics, but sometimes our garments outperform the sports brands.” Linen shorts (€450), for instance, are reinforced with Kevlar for maximum durability, polyester is often recycled and the Sunrise fabric combines wool with bio-based nylon – “treated with an innovative hydrophilic membrane that is resistant to water and wind”, Franco explains, and used on the smart hooded George jacket (€1,350). Sustainability isn’t an afterthought at Sease, says Giacomo: “We love the outdoors – our business is built around the mountains and the sea – and we’re committed to a low-impact, environmentally sensitive supply chain.” 


Everything is showcased with aplomb in a two-storey, nautically inspired space, where the teak, carbon and canvas finishes synonymous the world over with boating abound. At every turn the Sease mantra of “elegance with functionality” is evident, from the tables of T-shirts (€130) and reversible cashmere jumpers (€750), all in a tasteful, subdued colour palette, to the racks of wool/cashmere Skipper sweatshirts (€550) and denim piqué polo shirts (€195). There are accessories, too, including sunglasses (€450) from LGR and solar-powered backpacks (€495), while a DJ booth and the odd Frescobol Carioca wooden skateboard (€980) add to the modern, masculine vibe of this shop “where you’re encouraged to hang out”.

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